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5 Reason Custom Outdoor Signs are Vital for a Business

Outdoor signs are so common they are often underappreciated, but business owners need to realize that without a visible and well-positioned exterior business sign, they risk losing sales and the opportunity to be of service to people in need of their products and services.

Even in this digital era, companies recognize the importance of having signs outside their shop or business.

What are Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are graphic messaging tools meant to share information with an audience. These can take on any form, size, and shape and can have a variety of purposes. Examples of permanent wayfinding signs are monument signs and pylon signs. These two are popular in city streets and are usually placed in front of the building they signify. Short-term or temporary signs, on the other hand, are commonly seen as safety signs in road works and construction sites or vinyl banners and backdrops during special events.

5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Consider Outdoor Signage

Regardless of the purpose they serve or the form they take, outdoor business signs should be part of every company’s marketing efforts. Here’s why:

  1. They are cost-effective marketing methods. Businesses and organizations can take advantage of inexpensive outdoor banner signs to announce events and upcoming sales or promote an advocacy. The exposure they provide are significantly higher compared to radio or TV ads and less expensive.
  2. They reinforce your brand. Long-standing outdoor signs such as a monument sign has become a remarkable piece of architecture in the community after some time. Not only do they become landmarks that tell people where they are, but they also promote brand recognition. Imagine how the green-and-white logo of a sea siren with long, wavy hair can lead coffee enthusiasts to the doorstep of a world-class coffee shop, or how a pair of golden arches can easily point people all over the world to McDonald’s outlet.
  3. They drive traffic to your establishment. Think about how an intriguing window graphics can entice passersby to drop by your store and check out your offers. In a street lined with stores, it’s difficult to compete for customers’ attention. A custom outdoor sign in a form of an attractive window wrap bearing a message for targeted audience will surely increase traffic to your business.
  4. Exterior wayfinding directional signs, when strategically positioned within the community, can lead more customers to your business spaces.
  5. They improve customer experience. People feel valued when you see how you anticipate their needs and look after their convenience. The faster they find what they are looking for within your business space, the better their experience will be.

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