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ADA Restroom Signs
in Dallas, TX

Restroom Signs ensure that customers and employees can find the Bathroom with ease

When you are starting up a new business or setting up a new office, you are bombarded with thousands of things that are needed to be done. There are things that you can ignore or postpone, but restroom signs are not one of them. They do not impact your business directly, but they are a necessity. These signs help your customers and staff members avoid going through that uncomfortable phase of struggling to find the restroom. ADA restroom signs are one of the most viewed signs in any public facility, retail store or office. This makes it even more important that they are made and placed correctly.

What are ADA Restroom Signs

The term ADA stands for Americans With Disabilities Act. As per the act, every ADA Restroom sign that is installed in a public facility should adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the act. The purpose is to ensure that every bathroom sign is accessible equally for everyone including people with disabilities. Restrooms that are compatible with wheelchairs should have a pictogram that provides the same information. Some other guidelines include color contrast, size of the letters and braille signs to ensure that people with poor or no vision can also find and access restrooms with ease. ADA Bathroom Signs also indicate that a business cares about its customers and does not discriminate against disabled people.

Also, it is mandatory by the law for restroom signs to be ADA compliant. The government conducts regular inspections to make sure the law is being followed and if they find violations, businesses get a notice and a time frame to fix it. If not done, it can attract hefty penalties.

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Get Attractive & ADA Compliant Restroom Signs from Image 212° in Dallas, TX

Bathroom signs are very generic and are found everywhere, because of this, some business owners do not take them seriously and are surprised when they find out it is mandatory by law. At Image 212°, a sign company in Dallas, TX, we make ADA restroom signs that provide clear directions and allow businesses to maintain their overall interior décor theme. When it comes to ADA compliant signs, we take extra care to make sure that all the guidelines are followed, and the required criteria are met.

We are a full-service sign company that specializes in making all types of custom business signs like interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle wraps & graphics, trade show displays & banners, canvas printing and all those business signs that help the business gain attention and generate more leads. All our signs are made from high-quality materials to ensure long life and minimum maintenance.

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