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Custom Packaging
in Dallas, TX: Take Branding To The Next level

The packaging is a vital aspect of the product you are selling as it makes the very first impression on the customer before they even see your product. Packaging plays an important role in the overall customer experience and a bad or mediocre presentation can ruin all that hard work that you have done to create that product. Apart from making a good impression on the customer, well-made packaging also ensures the safety of the products and branding is maintained and is easily recognized.

Custom Packaging Solutions By Image 212°

At Image 212°, a sign, graphics and display company in Dallas, TX, our team of experienced designers make sure to put your brand out there in the most effective manner. We understand that you have spent a lot of time developing your business and the products you’re selling.

All our offerings are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and an attractive finish. When it comes to design, the creative possibilities are endless, and we can assure you  that you will never run out of choices. We use eco-friendly materials and all our inks are green certified.

Custom packaging for branding
Branding custom packaging

Types of Custom Packaging in Dallas, TX

Whether you are selling your products online or through retail stores on a shelf, packaging solutions play an important role in overall customer experience. ‘One size fits all’ does not work for all packaging needs. This is one of the reasons we offer a variety of solutions that are suitable for almost any type of business. Let’s take a look at the types of custom packaging and display solutions:

Counter Displays:  

Cardboard counter displays are a great way to roll out your product in a cost-effective way. They are widely used at the point of sale displays in retail facilities like grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and more.

Pallet Displays: 

The biggest advantage of pallet displays is their size and visibility from all four sides. In general, pallet displays highlight products that are heavily discounted and often used as bargain bins. Because of their large size, they can easily accommodate huge displays that are effective in catching customer’s attention.

Endcap Displays:   

These displays are placed at the end of the aisle making the most out of all available retail space. They also make the store appear to be well-stocked. Depending on what the product is, the strength of the material, they can be made from steel, metal, or cardboards. Typically, products on end caps tend to have higher sales.

Cardboard Display Stands:

We can customize our cardboard display stands specifically to your products. They can be also used for branding purposes. As these displays are placed in aisles or next to shelving, or even in some cases they can stand alone, they are very efficient in catching a customer’s attention.

These are the most common type of packaging solutions, if you are looking for anything specific, do not hesitate to give us a call. We specialize in short-run packaging with an order of as little as 10 boxes.

If you are looking to upgrade your point of purchase advertising in Dallas, TX or nearby areas, get in touch with us and let us provide a customized solution for your needs.

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