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Different Types of Custom Indoor Signs and their Purpose

Outdoor signs are the first way people come to learn about your business, as they play a crucial role in increasing your foot traffic. It’s one thing to attract your target audience and another to retain them. This is where indoor signs come in.

Interior Signs: How they Help Grow Your Business

Indoor signs reinforce your exterior signs and enhance your customers’ experience inside your business. It’s almost impossible for any business to not have custom interior signs. If you are looking to have a brand-new set of interior signs or make some improvements on your existing indoor signage system, the following information may come as a useful guide.

Indoor Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs are among the most widely used type of interior business signs. We usually see them suspended from the ceiling in malls and shopping centers to show us the way to the next counter, the food court, the supermarket or the rest rooms. In grocery stores, these hanging signs help in the proper identification of shelves, so customers save time finding what they need. Other types of indoor wayfinding signs are doors markers, table-top signs, and wall-mounted directional signs.

These signs can come in different shapes and materials. Ceiling signs, for example, can be lighted or non-illuminated but for them to be effective they must be properly positioned and well-designed, so they are easily seen by your customers, otherwise they defeat their purpose.

Retail Signs

People don’t always feel comfortable approaching strangers for directions or inquiries. In retail outlets, if customers can avoid asking salespersons, they would do so and shop on their own convenience. This is where retail outlet signs come in handy. These silent salespeople indicate each item’s price, declare products on sale, or simply greet customers as they step foot into your store. Price tags, menu boards, and door mats are examples of custom indoor signs storeowners can use.

Proper labeling of merchandise provides your customers the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, thus contributing to their overall experience. When they feel the convenience of shopping in your store, they will remember you the next time they need your products.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics and wraps are perfect ways to transform your empty walls into marketing tools while enhancing your overall interior design. An experienced sign company can help you conceptualize, print, install digitally printed vinyl wall wraps and instantly improve the ambiance of your business spaces. These custom indoor signs can be used to showcase a company’s best-selling products, display their company core values, or serve as a stunning lobby sign with the brand name and logo on it.

Vinyl is a popular material for wall wraps and graphics, but it is also used in making captivating banners. Free-standing and hanging banners are commonly used to announce special events and promotions or used as back drop during special occasions.

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