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Monument Signs
in Dallas, TX

Attract & Welcome Customers At The Same Time

Monument signs are perfect for establishing a brand’s identity and help visitors locate the business with ease. They spread awareness about businesses as they catch the attention of the people passing and driving by. They also help potential customers to identify your business and what kind of services they can expect. Monument signs are placed next to the street to help with directions to the business, organization or tenant who is occupying the property. For many would-be customers, a monument sign is their first interaction with the brand and for existing customers, it becomes a welcome sign. They are very effective as directional signs as they assist visitors in identifying that they have reached their destination.

Why Choose Image 212° For Your Next Monument Sign?

Getting a monument sign is a long-term investment, and we at Image 212°, a sign company in Dallas, TX, understand the value of such investment and what our clients expect from it. We make signs that are bound to make a positive impact on our client’s business. We offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to design and based on that we provide a range of material options that complement the design. Some common choices include concrete, stones, bricks, wood and metal.  Illuminated monument signs can be even more impactful. Reach out to us via phone or email and let’s get started.

Custom lighted monument signs for exterior advertisement
Branding monument sings in Dallas, TX

Types of Monument Signs

Architectural Monument Signs –

These structures are specially designed to give an idea to the viewers about the kind of service they can expect from the facility. They can be seen outside hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, theme parks, and similar properties.

Digital Monument Signs –

They are the most engaging type of them all, the sign letters are replaced with a digital display that can showcase multiple messages at the same time. They are active 24×7, thus providing more opportunities to spread your brand’s message.

Outdoor Directory Signs –

These signs are not made for promoting businesses. Instead, they are used to guide visitors in the right direction, so they do not waste time finding the right place. They can be seen in residential communities, shopping malls, open markets, recreational parks and more.

Pylon Signs –

Pylon signs are tall signs that are placed by the roadside. They are great for catching the customer’s attention from a distance. They showcase information about multiple retail outlets in a shopping complex. Most are illuminated to function 24×7.

Post and Panel Signs –

Post and panel signs are also made to provide directions. They have the brand’s logo and tagline to mark a small presence in the viewer’s memory. They can be made from different materials depending on where they are to be placed.

Image 212° is a full-service sign company in Dallas, TX. We specialize in making all types of custom business signs, canvas printing, trade show banners, vehicle wraps and more. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, we are here to help you. Call Us Today!

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