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Outdoor LED Signs vs. Neon Signs: The Pros and Cons

Lighted signs are more attractive compared to their non-illuminated counterparts as they provide round the clock advertising for your business. If you are looking for a cost-efficient lighted sign solution for your company but are not sure whether to go for LED or neon signs, you have come to right place.

Outlined below are some factors to consider in choosing between LED and neon signs. This guide will help you decide which one is best suited to your business needs.


In almost every purchasing decision we make, it is always wise to consider our budget and what it allows for. If you are to choose between neon signs and LED signs based solely on their price, you will most likely end up choosing LED. For the same size and design, LED costs roughly 10% lower compared to its neon counterpart, but then of course you don’t make decisions based on prices alone.


In addition to price, safety is another priority. Traditional neon signs, as you may have already known, are made of glass filled with gases that give these signs their warm, subtle glow. These signs have been around for ages and they have been lighting up city streets all over the world. Since they’re made of glass, they are easily broken and once they break, the gases leak and special steps need to be undertaken to dispose of them properly. A LED sign, on the other hand, is wrapped in a protective layer of special plastic, making it less fragile. In fact, this sign is virtually shock-proof.

Power Usage

You’ve decided on lighted signs, but you don’t want to break the bank for it. As far as power usage is concerned, LED-lighted signs are obviously the winner. They don’t require as much voltage to operate as traditional neon signs do.


Your business signs are crucial elements of your marketing campaign. Show your existing and potential customers your commitment to excellence by keeping updated signs that look new all the time. LED signage is practically maintenance-free, while neon signs require regular care by professionals trained to handle them, which can mean additional costs to you.


Overall, LED-lighted signs may seem preferable, but there will always be situations where neon signs are preferred. If your business requires the nostalgic glow of neon, you may always opt for custom neon signs to meet your objectives. If you prefer not to deal with the costs and fragility of glass, however, custom LED signs are also an option.

Thanks to technology, custom LED signs can now be fashioned to appear like a traditional neon sign without the hassle. If you are ready to capture the attention of your target audience, speak with our sign specialists today. At Image 212, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality LED signs in Dallas. Contact us today to receive a free estimate.


Lighted signs are more attractive compared to their non-illuminated counterparts as they provide round the clock advertising for your business. If you

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