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Post and Panel Signs
in Dallas, TX

An Economical Way of Spreading Your Brand’s Message

Post and Panel Signs are one of the most inexpensive types of outdoor business signs that are used to promote business messages, build brand awareness, and serve as a landmark. Their low cost of installation does not make them any less effective as they are able to bring more customers through your doors. Whether you are starting a new business or planning a new campaign for your existing business, post and panel signs can be valuable attention makers to add to your marketing mix.

Why Choose Image 212° To Make Post And Panel Signs?

At Image 212°, a sign company in Dallas, TX, we are the specialists in creating post and panel signs that grab passerby attention and provide a unique first impression of your business. We help your business to stand out from the competition by providing unique designs and best in class finishes. We use the highest quality materials to maximize impact and ensure long term durability.

Not only that, when you choose to partner with us for any type of custom business signs in Dallas, TX, the complete project gets handled by us. From finalizing the design to producing the sign to the installation and timely maintenance, we take care of everything.

Custom post and panel signage ideas
Post and panel signs in Dallas, TX

Types of Post and Panel Signs

There are different materials to choose from depending on whether you want it to last for a short-term or long-term. We also provide the option of printing on both sides so they can catch more attention no matter the direction they are facing. Placement is another aspect that adds to the effectiveness of the signs. Depending on the nature of your business you can add your brand’s name, logo, tagline, or a small message that you want to showcase.

Here are some popular materials that are used to make post and panel signs:

Aluminum –

One of the most common choices, aluminum provides strength and durability that ensures your sign lasts for a long time.

MDO (Medium Density Overlay) –

Medium Density Overlay plywood effectively combines the toughness of wood structural panels and the superior wear of an overlaid surface. These features place MDO among the most durable construction materials for signs on the market today.


Aluminum Composite Material is a combination of aluminum and high-density plastic filler. The plastic filler is used to provide strength to the signboard whereas aluminum is used to design the face of the sign as it is known to provide a smooth finish.  Common brand names for ACM are Dibond and MaxMetal.

LED Panels –

If you want your message to be visible 24×7, then we can provide you the option to get your signs illuminated by installing LED lights. This is one of the most common choices that business owners make as this provides consistency in their message delivery.

If you are still not sure about which type is right for your business or what type of signage you should use for your business to get the best results, just get in touch with us and one of our experts will be happy to answer your questions. Contact Image212° today!

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